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hop on over to http://justgennie.blogspot.com

same blog, same stuff, just a different address. 

i won't be updating on this address anymore, and eventually i'll delete it, so here's your chance to update your blog if you've linked me. 

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it's about the enjoyment: 

from designer daily

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colorado highlights: 

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highlights of our road trip to colorado: 

*tumbleweeds in kansas
*that really large gas station with a circuit city inside it
*seeing the mountains
*going to boulder (oh, memories)

we're learning a lot here and meeting really interesting people. hopefully we'll have some more time to hang out with our dearies here in colorado before we leave. we are here for 5 weeks, after all... 

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and a happy new year to you. my most recent sewing project: lounge pants. they're pretty good for lounging, sleeping, vacuuming, probably some slumber partying, and lots of other low-key activities. 


some things i'm looking forward to in the year 2009: 
my debit card expiring and closing my arvest bank account
seeing our dear friends in colorado
hopefully selling our house
celebrating when baby compston comes
moving to china (kind of a biggie)

some things i'm considering in 2009 (resolutions if i feel like resolving to do them):
not cutting my hair for the whole year... yeah, not even a trim
running a lot before moving to china, because people don't do that there
card making
calling every friend & family member on his or her birthday 

some things i really loved in 2008:
experiencing a lot of freedom and healing spiritually
spending time with my sister and mom and grandparents
teaching art to kids
meeting some really great people

happy 2009. 

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orlando, here we come.

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